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Citizen State is a movement building a new kind of society.

We provide basic resources – including homes, healthcare and education – to individuals and entrepreneurs so that you can transform your dreams into reality and live a free, peaceful and fair life.

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What We Provide

Citizen State Health

Because quality mental and physical healthcare and fitness should be available to everyone.

Citizen State Homes

Because all people deserve a secure and stable home.

Citizen State Learn

Because education unshackled from debt makes society stronger.

Who We Help


We make sure everyone has a roof over their head, comprehensive healthcare and a learning experience that will serve them for years to come.

Entrepreneurs & Startups

We link you up with industry leaders so that you can create whilst having a place to live, health insurance, and your education bills lessened.


We help you unlock the value of empty property by pairing you with entrepreneurs, create pathways for health insurers to choose the best new companies to work with, and allow educational institutions to directly benefit from their business-savvy students.

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