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15th - 21st November, 2022

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Howard Hu, who guides the Orion lunar spacecraft programme for NASA, says habitats will be needed to support scientific missions.

More than 48 guaranteed income programmes have been started in towns across the USA since 2020, with at least 11 initiated in 2021 alone.

The idea of an arcology was proposed by the architect Paolo Soleri in 1969. A year later, Soleri began work on Arcosanti, a town in America, which demonstrated his concepts.

Policymakers can take action to make saving for crises as easy as possible by authorising auto-enrolment into many types of workplace-based savings accounts.

Conventional dyes are made of coal tar and petroleum. Algaeing creates biodegradable formulations for colouring, utilising algae, that produce zero waste. Amalgamated with cellulose, the formulation can create algae-based fabrics.