• Communities & Organizations

    The power of the individual is important, but can only be fully realized when combined with the power of the community. If we are to achieve our central goal of meeting the basic needs of all people, we must mobilize our communal resources. You can organize your community by forming or joining a Citizen Action Committee to campaign for local issues, or using our activist resources to further the cause. Communities and organizations can also champion the repurposing of under-utilized resources, such as property, for the whole community. 

  • How It Works for Communities & Organizations

    Giving Back with Impact



    We send you the details of prospective startups that are looking for the resources you are offering



    We help you negotiate the terms of the agreement with the startup you choose, including the amount of equity you wish to receive and for how long they may use the resource you are offering



    When the startup you've helped is finally sold, you will be entitled to a share of that sale to benefit your community or organization, depending on the surrounding arrangements

  • Why Startups Need You


    Average portion of salary spent on rent in London (Huffington Post, 2020)


    Number of homes empty in the UK
    (House of Commons Library, 2019)


    Average annual cost of healthcare in the USA

    (Peterson-KFF Health System Tracker, 2019)


    Median average student loan debt burden in the USA (Pew Research Center, 2019)

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    Does your community or organization agree with our​ mission to bring the basics of life to all people and create a truly united world based on freedom, fairness, and abundance? If you're not quite sure yet, check out our manifesto, ​method, and thinking about what such a world could look like.


    By endorsing Citizen State, your organization is making a public statement about your priorities and dreams for the future. Thank you for supporting a world in which we can all thrive.

  • Become an Ally

    The Citizen State Seal is available for use by partners and allies who are approved after rigorous review. The Seal demonstrates our commitment to ethically motivated organizations and clearly signals to socially-conscious individuals and Citizen State supporters that the services they are receiving meet the standards of Citizen State.

  • Give Back

    To build a movement that can change society we need to work together. Giving back can take many forms, from monetary giving to giving your time and energy to the cause.

    You can give below or reach out to us about volunteering, including using your social power and voice, as well as guerilla activism, to advance the cause of basic resources for all.

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    Give from Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania

    Tax Disclaimer
    In the course of our work, Citizen State conducts political activity that renders our organization ineligible for most tax deductible gifts. Thus, we cannot guarantee that your gift will be tax deductible in your jurisdiction. Always consult a tax professional for clarity before giving.

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    Want to speak out for the rights of your community? Got a question about activism? Give us a shout!