• Health

    Citizen State Health focuses on providing quality mental and physical health and fitness to those who need it in the form of insurance and fitness services. Startups can enjoy health insurance options usually only available to established companies, whilst individuals can partake in a tailored package which includes all crucial healthcare, mental and physical. Fitness options are also available.

  • People

    People in countries without adequate public healthcare can receive a health insurance package tailored to their personal needs. Fitness options are also available to lower monthly payments. Insurance costs are calculated on the basis of need.

  • Startups

    We offer a variety of health insurance and fitness options for startups, both with low payments or at no cost, in exchange for a small amount of equity in your venture. This equity goes towards the cost of the health insurance and fitness packages themselves, but most importantly supports the expansion of affordable healthcare for all people.

  • Health Insurers & Fitness Providers

    If you are an investor or company who works in the health insurance or fitness industries, or would like to invest in promising entrepreneurs through health insurance and fitness, please reach out to us.

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