• Homes

    Citizen State Homes concentrates on providing quality homes for those in need, young people, and families. We also offer housing to startup owners who might not be able to afford the cost while building their businesses. Citizen State Homes are granted on a sliding scale, commensurate with income, and are furnished with warm, consistent and clean interiors in central locations across several cities.

  • People

    We offer homes with low rental costs in several major cities across the world to young people (18-35), lower-income individuals and families. To find out if you are eligible (even if you do not fit into one of these categories) or whether we can offer you help in your home search, please reach out to us.

  • Startups

    We offer a variety of housing options for entrepreneurs and startups, both rent-free and low rent, in exchange for a small amount of equity in your venture. This equity goes towards the cost of the housing itself, but more importantly supports the expansion of affordable housing for all people.

  • Property Investors

    If you are an investor who is in possession of property that you wish to rent, vacant investment or meanwhile use property with value you wish to unlock, or would like to invest in promising startups through housing, we'd be happy to help you out.

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