Citizen Statement 2024

Growth, Progress, and Change

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Dear Citizens, Supporters, and Friends,

2023 was a quiet year for Citizen State. At least, that would be the public perception. Yet, behind the scenes we’ve been addressing some of the key issues that our organization was founded to tackle. Our focus on community building remains unwavering, as we put in place the mechanisms for endowing our institutions with the capacity to create a new society.

The ancients divided their year into distinct seasons. Each was invested with potent meaning - a cycle of birth, growth, death, and resurrection that marked time in the lives of both citizen and civilization. Though we will not claim to match the brilliance of those antique minds, we do believe that a division of the year into distinct periods allows all of us to better appreciate the flow of time - and mark well the achievements that occur within it.

We’ve divided our plans for 2024 into four phases. Progress requires structure and we want to be open about how Citizen State operates. These tasks are not set in stone, nor is the timeline. If you want to suggest additions or alterations to this plan, please let us know (you can always write to us at


Spring Phase (March - May, 2024)

A Revitalising Symbol

Since our inception, our primary symbol, the Citizen State Word-Sign, has marked us well. Yet, as a piece of visual communication, it does not do enough to convey our values. Thus, we’ve resolved to redesign: a new seal created and designed by artist and citizen Thomas Venner. Venner’s long immersion within Citizen State’s culture and deep-rooted knowledge of symbology is reflected well in the new seal. Crafted to embody the world as a whole, our seal is accompanied by a palette evoking our planet, as well as our emotional states. This imagery promotes vitality and prosperity. These will both be featured throughout our spaces, whether online or in-person, and complement our focus on biophilic, citizen-centric principles. To go with this, we’ll be creating a simple toolkit laying out exactly what Citizen State is, how we work, and why the society we’re building really is our future.


Forum Launch

In our quest to enhance communication and strengthen community bonds among Citizens, we're excited to announce plans for our first forum. This platform will serve as a dynamic gathering place where we can all come together to share ideas, updates, and more about the happenings within Citizen State. Recognising the importance of consistent and transparent communication, we're committed to ensuring that every Citizen has a clear view of what's going on.


Moving to Substack

We'll be transitioning our main news source to Substack in the coming months. This move opens up a world of opportunities for us to expand our reach and connect with new, inquisitive readers who may not have discovered us otherwise. Substack's platform not only simplifies contributions from both Citizens and friends but also integrates podcasting, allowing us to diversify our content offerings and engage in different ways.


Summer Phase (June - August, 2024)

Citizen Gatherings: A New Monthly Meeting Format

We'll be moving towards hosting in-person meetings once monthly, with the hope that local groups, whether formal Citizen Action Committees or more casual get-togethers, will convene even more. These Citizen Gatherings present a valuable opportunity for Citizens and friends to come together, engaging in meaningful discussions about the issues that matter most to them while fostering stronger connections. Online meetings will, of course, continue. Whatever the format, each Gathering will serve as a forum for dialogue, idea exchange, and collective decision-making. Our aim is not only to discuss and decide on key issues, but also to cultivate enduring connections that lead to tangible, measurable change in our communities.


Formalising Citizenship

We're formalising the citizenship process. This initiative aims to streamline the journey of joining our community, ensuring that it's easier and more accessible for everyone. Through this formalisation, prospective Citizens will have a clear understanding of their rights, responsibilities, and opportunities for contributions within our community. By providing transparency and structure, we can empower each Citizen to engage with and enrich our collective endeavours. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting development as we work to make Citizen State an even more welcoming and inclusive space for all.


Defining Benefits and Building Community

We're refining and defining the benefits of citizenship. Whether you're a resident or non-resident Citizen, we're committed to ensuring that you feel valued and enfranchised within our community. Eligibility for benefits will be clear and accessible, ensuring that all Citizens can take part in the opportunities available. One exciting announcement: all Citizens are invited to gather at our annual Citizen Summit, to connect and shape the future of Citizen State (more details to be confirmed soon). Additionally, Citizens will have the opportunity to found Citizen and Student Action Committees, as well as other local forms of governance, empowering you to enact positive change at the grassroots level. Citizens will also enjoy discounts at our store, and special arrangements through our allies. And look out for the upcoming release of our physical Citizen Pass, a tangible symbol of commitment to our shared values and vision!


Autumn Phase (September - November, 2024)

Citizen State Dashboard

Citizen State Dashboard will be designed to allow you to track and engage with your citizenship. This platform will offer a comprehensive overview of your citizenship status, benefits, contributions, and more, all in one convenient location.


Pioneering Physical Communities

By the Autumn Phase, we'll be preparing to sign agreements for our first physical communities. While some arrangements are already in the pipeline, we're eager to explore more partnership opportunities to ensure that our Citizens are housed and that our inaugural physical communities reflect the values and spirit of Citizen State. By forging strategic alliances with like-minded organizations and stakeholders, we can create vibrant and inclusive spaces where our community can thrive.


Winter Phase (December, 2024 - February, 2025)

Revamped Digital Presence

We’ll be putting the finishing touches on our digital presence, unveiling a fresh new look for Citizen State. This revitalised platform will permit our citizens and friends to utilise everything Citizen State has to offer.


An Expanding Network

At Citizen State, we understand that our strength lies not only in our core principles but also in the connections we forge with allies and friends along the journey. That's why we're seeking opportunities to expand our network through alliances and endorsements rooted in shared values. By cultivating relationships with like-minded organizations and individuals, we can amplify our impact and foster mutual growth.


The Road Ahead

As we charge into 2024, we're thrilled to embark on a journey filled with opportunities for growth and collaboration. Each phase brings us closer to our vision: a world centred on its citizens. And we can't do this alone, and nor should we. How would you go about building the future? How would you create the ideal society? Go ahead - tell us!



With best wishes for a better future,
From all of us at Citizen State.

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