Imagining A New Future

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We’re finally here! How incredibly exciting to be able to welcome you to Citizen State and share our movement with you. Over the next few weeks, our team and supporters will be explaining what lies behind Citizen State and how we hope that our mission to provide the basics of life to all people can be achieved.
It sounds like an extremely daunting task: providing for the basic needs of every citizen. Some people ask us why we would even want to attempt such a monumental undertaking. It’s an impossibility, right? And yet, we live in a world of abundant resources and boundless ingenuity. The challenge of harnessing this potential into making the lives of all people better is a goal that we think deserves dedicated attention.
Why provide the basics? We believe in a future where each person can steer towards a magnificent destiny – that liberation from want will lead to ultimate freedom. Whatever you desire to be, whether a creator or innovator, adventurer or activist, you deserve to bring that conception of yourself to life. To get there, a few basic needs have to be fulfilled: a roof over your head that you can afford, physical and mental care that is excellent and readily available, and a world-class education so that you can understand the world in which we live. These are not impossibilities and in the 21st century we should consider them necessities.
These are the tools for freedom – our ultimate goal is for us to unlock everyone’s potential by providing them. Join us in imagining a new future and begin your journey with Citizen State.