Citizen Actions April 2018

Spring is certainly here and as always we're looking to take some action! Pledging to take part in our Citizen Actions is a meaningful yet simple way of fighting for a world in which we are all equal and free citizens. This April, we continue that fight for our world. Complete the actions below and do your part.

In the UK, April marks National Pet Month, so we decided it was time to support our lovable companions. Most landlords and agencies adopt a discriminatory attitude towards pet ownership, either preventing or hindering it. In fact, the Labour Party is pushing for a default right to pets, enormously helping those living in rented accommodation. But, until more concrete measures are put in place, you can push for a change in the law by signing here.

What's the ultimate goal of Citizen State? We have been asked this a lot recently and so took a moment to lay out our vision for the 21st century.


If you could take a moment, we'd be so grateful if you could share that article with someone who you think would find it useful. You can share it on Facebook or Twitter - let us know what your friends think!


And now for something a bit creative. Leadership comes in many forms, from political, to scientific, to cultural. In honour of National Poetry Month in the USA we want you to lead with words. Is there a poem you've written that speaks to our moment in history? Can the language you use inspire the reader to change? We'll be looking to collect Citizen Poems over the next month and get your work out into the world.

Send your poems to and we'll put together a collection that showcases the best in poetic leadership. Inspire us!