To Build A Citizen State

The Goal of Our Century

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The impossible is always worth trying. Such a sentiment, though rooted in a certain truth, has within it a core contradiction. Surely, if it is deemed impossible, it is impossible. And yet, time and again, humanity has striven beyond what was possible in thought and deed to construct a marvellous array of philosophies and technologies, of communities and adventures that make it clear that the impossible is only what we believe to be impossible. Belief itself can be transformed - should be transformed - and with that transformation new ideas and discoveries suddenly become available to billions the world over.

Some say that the people of Earth are doomed to fight amongst themselves until we are obliterated. Others believe that we will poison the planet beyond recognition, beyond habitability. We refuse to believe that these trajectories are set in stone. We choose, instead, to aim for a global future - a future where the duty of government will be to the governed.

We choose, instead, to aim for a global future​

This is the essence of what Citizen State can be. Citizenship within the global community must be considered our birthright. You have a share of this world. Citizen State seeks to advance that share and place it within the context of local identity and tradition - all the while advancing the concept of a truly global and responsible citizenship.

Why would such a thing be wanted? In our time, there is a despair in politics. Hope has been washed away - there seems no good road to take, only the practical road of the status quo. Reform, however, is not only achievable, but easier than ever before. Change does not come from above, but from every action, every decision you make. This is the new politics - local, yet global - and we must strive towards its establishment. In the meantime, we can begin to fill the gaps left by traditional government.

Change does not come from above, but from every action, every decision you make

The direction we are to take must be an informed one: the past has many lessons that we can apply, most of which are lost on modern politicians who spend little time studying the hundreds of civilizations that came before them. Perhaps with humility we may start to learn and correct our past mistakes.

And yet, our future will be defined by technologies that those who have come before could only fantasize about. We are now linked, beyond national borders, and through this diaspora communities are revitalized. Communities are transformed from a basis in land to a basis in thought and ideas. This is where each of you can make a difference.

What will these ideas be? How can we assure all are included? Citizen State must lead the way in facing these challenges and provide a direct forum for a new type of governance: a governance based on thought, inclusion, discovery, and the fulfilment of basic needs. The goal of our century is to imagine this new world and then create it - what part will you play?