Open to All. Closed to None.

By Adam Hemmings, Founder of Citizen State

· Entrepreneurship,Housing,Healthcare,Education,Investors
I am currently sitting in an airport waiting for my flight. I’m watching people as they rush by – people of all nationalities and origins united by the common purpose of travel. At first, the frenetic dash to the gate appears disorderly, but then you notice the hubs of activity about which these diverse people congregate – buying coffee and chatting with their fellow travellers in line, picking up that last-minute gift, browsing the newsstand which they would not normally frequent for some flight-time reading. All of them, for all their differences, exist in this international space, a place beyond borders in which they can freely move and interact. What if we could bring this internationalism into our normal lives and exist unbounded by the arbitrary lines on a map that distant governments decided to draw so very long ago. This is what Citizen State strives to create: a space apart where all are welcome, none are in want and interactions breed a new sense of loyalty to humanity itself.
I want to call on each of you to examine your humanity, to ask “what can I do for my fellow citizens? How can I help my world?” Let’s be very clear: no matter who you are or where you come from, both I and Citizen State believe that you are entitled to certain rights that will allow you to meet your basic needs. After these basic needs are met – such as a home, quality healthcare and the ability to learn – your capacity to control your destiny and benefit humanity and our planet as a whole becomes a possibility. While nations and governments abandon their promises to their peoples, we make a commitment to all peoples that we stand with you, that together we can craft a future that each of us can be proud of.
How can we help you help yourself? By creating a new type of transnational system that benefits every participant.


In the struggle for survival sometimes it feels like no one will stand with you. Citizen State will. Our goal is to make sure every individual has a roof over their head, comprehensive healthcare and a learning experience that will serve them for years to come. Our economic model builds in an internal redistribution from our profits that makes sure we can operate homes, health and learning opportunities at costs that mean no one is left behind.
This new form of international citizenship is open to everyone and I urge you to sign up.


We’ve all had great ideas, but it takes determination to make those ideas a reality. Citizen State is with you. Rather than provide you with pure investment, we link you up with leaders in property, healthcare and education so that you can create for humanity whilst having a place to live, health insurance taken care of, and your education bills lessened. By exchanging these goods directly for equity in your company, you get to reap the benefits immediately.
But, more importantly, you help all people involved in Citizen State and make sure that your fellow citizens can seize their destiny. If you’re working on an idea, but need some help, we want to hear from you.


Calculating to invest in a winner is always a challenge – doing so while giving back is even harder. Citizen State knows investors are an intricate part of the global system and seeks to allow them to benefit citizens and themselves together. We help you unlock the value of empty property by pairing you with entrepreneurs, so that your property is filled and your investment return is not simply from rent, it’s from equity. We create pathways for health insurers to choose the best new companies to work with, so that you can branch out into new frontiers. And educational institutions can directly benefit from their business-savvy students success by backing their designs and creations.
These are no ordinary ventures. If you are seeking to change the world and the meaning of your investment, we’re here to help you.
This is just a snapshot of what we’re working on with Citizen State. Do you have an idea about how we can help you? I can always be reached at my personal email at Please get in touch – perhaps together we can transform our world for the better.