• On a Mission to Reimagine Society

    Citizen State is reimagining society to create a world that’s citizen-centric, self-sustaining, and unique. We’re building a borderless community independent of the current system that allows each individual to meet their basic needs and thrive.

  • "If you could build a new society, what would you change?"

    This is the question that inspired us at Citizen State. We dared to ask: What are the limits of human imagination, and how might we transform society for the better? Pioneering an original type of community, informed first and foremost by the needs of the Citizen, our goal is nothing short of forging a new kind of society - one that's citizen-centric, self-sustaining, and unique.


    Now a constellation of activists, artists, educators, innovators, and scientists spread across the globe, we are united in our pursuit to build physical communities that creatively overcome life's largest challenges.

  • What We're Creating Together

  • A Borderless Community

    Our Citizens are based in an ever expanding variety of locations. These communities, whilst physically separate, are joined in the common goal of meeting each citizens' basic needs and allowing all of us to meet our full potential. Together, we're constructing the foundation for a thriving, citizen-centric society.

    A Worldwide Citizenry

    A passionate community of citizens and supporters decentralized across the world.

     Empowered Self-Governance

    Our Citizen Action Committees empower self-governance. Through collaborative decision-making, we're shaping the direction of our communities.

    Pathways for Discovery

    Within the supportive environment of Citizen State, our citizens have the time and space to create, discover, and learn. We're exploring the intricacies of our world and the vastness of the universe, contributing to the betterment of humanity.

  • Our Blueprint for Change

    Citizen State unites people from all walks of life who want to transform our current society - from entrepreneurs, creatives, and scientists to activists, students, and community leaders - to create a world that works for all.


    We're committed to making basic resources accessible to everyone, consequently lowering costs across society, whilst advocating for creative, forward-thinking causes that are vital to us all.

    An image of a lightbulb

    Step 1: The Idea

    Resource Powered Progress

    We take an essential resource, be it housing, healthcare, or another essential service, and offer it to promising and socially-minded innovators in exchange for equity in their startups or contributions based on their skills.

    A pie chart

    Step 2: The Method

    Fostering a Thriving Community

    When an innovator is successful, we take a part of the wealth generated and contribute it towards our treasury. This portion is set aside specifically for the benefit of our global citizen community.

    A building, tree, streetlamp, and sun

    Step 3: The Result

    Building for All

    We use this wealth to build and develop scarce resources (such as homes) and distribute them back to our citizens on the basis of need.

    The Earth

    Step 4: The World

    Local Change, Global Effects

    Local communities are transformed by these more affordable options, compelling equitable access and creating a fairer world for everyone.

  • Our Initiatives

    We focus on three major areas of basic needs: housing, healthcare, and education.

  • Citizen State Homes

    Because all people deserve a secure and stable home.

    Citizen State Health

    Because quality mental and physical healthcare and fitness should be available to everyone.

    Citizen State Learn

    Because education unshackled from debt makes society stronger.

  • Our Numbers

    We work with an ever-growing group of individuals and organizations.


    Individuals and Startups


    Investors and Organizations


    Cities and Local Areas

  • Let's Build Together

    Global citizenship is your right. By joining us today, you'll have the opportunity to become part of a transformative community dedicated to building a different kind of future for all. Contribute your unique skills, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and help shape a world where no one is left behind.

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