Citizen Actions February 2018

· Citizen Actions

Pledging to take part in our Citizen Actions is a meaningful yet simple way of fighting for a world in which we are all equal and free citizens. This February, we continue our fight for that world. Complete the actions below and do your part.

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Our friends at Shelter England need your help to make sure renters have stability and security. Their asking the UK government to introduce longer tenancies so that no one need fear putting down roots - sign here.

We recently published our Citizen Statement 2018, which explains everything that's been going on over the last year and what we plan for the future - read here.


Did you like what you just read? Spread the message and share it with your friends to make it have more impact - share on Facebook here or Twitter here.


Now's your chance to get more deeply involved with Citizen State. This month, we're focusing on students who can bring our message to their campus communities. If you'd like to get involved with this initiative, write to us.