Citizen Statement 2018

Our Movement in the New Year

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A new year is upon us. As 2018 dawns and brings with it new opportunities, the Citizen State team wanted to take a moment to reflect on this past year’s achievements as well as look forward to the goals and milestones we intend to reach this year. Most importantly, we want to thank you - our supporters - for becoming part of our movement and helping us develop into an organization that really can provide for the basic needs of all peoples - thank you all!

In 2017, we...

  • Engaged with over 180 providers of and investors in housing, healthcare and education

  • Compiled a portfolio of over 150 startups from across the globe to participate in Citizen State

  • Mapped out a clear pathway from investors to startups and, importantly, back to those Citizens who most need affordable housing, healthcare and education

  • Participated in a consultation with the Department for Communities and Local Government (UK) on banning letting agent fees paid by tenants, resulting in the draft Tenant Fees Bill

  • Improved our website with clear design and enhanced features (check it out here:

In 2018, we plan to...

  • Develop affordable Citizen and Entrepreneur housing options in London after meetings with three influential property firms in January and February 2018

  • Establish a position for our movement on university campuses to support student activism and access to our services

  • Enhance alliances and partnerships with like-minded organizations, companies and governments that can lead to a broader provision of basic needs for all people

  • Support individual Citizens struggling towards our shared goals and provide them with the materials they need to prevail

How you can help...

  • Get social! Share our story on social media and email with your family and friends and let them learn about our mission and how they can help out

  • If you're a student and would like to establish a branch of Citizen State at your university, get in touch and learn how to put the ideals of the movement into action

  • We are still accepting applications for startups seeking basic resources, so if you need a home, healthcare or education and have a world-changing idea we want to hear from you or you can learn more here

  • As of the beginning of 2018, we are working closely with three property investment firms to create both entrepreneurial and affordable housing. If you are an investor and would like to get involved you can contact us here or find out more about how we work here.

  • Calling all activists! Do you have a project that is seeking to change how the world works? Do you believe in providing for the basic needs of all people? We want to work with you! Get in touch here and lets make something happen.

Petty politics and ongoing conflicts have dominated the headlines so far this year, but we're not going to let that stop us. It's time for action that we can all rally behind and which helps us all reach for new heights.